Battery Machines      Cable & Wire      Fiber Optics

BM-Rosendahl provides manufacturing equipment for all lead-acid battery types for the production of automotive, motorcycle, industrial batteries and develops solutions for E-mobility projects.

Rosendahl offers a broad range of solutions for cable manufacturers in the field for power cables, automotive wires, LAN cables, coaxial cables, fiber optic cables and extrusion crossheads.

Nextrom offers process technology for high tech optical fiber production such as preform technology, fiber drawing, fiber UV-coating, fiber optic cable.

Yes, it was a successful show!
Yes, we did it.
We took the existing line, added tons of knowledge from experienced Nextrom and Rosendahl people, redesigned, rebuilt, tested and fine-tuned the results.

Atlanta - GA, USA
April 28 -30, 2015
Booth no. 640
Savannah, USA
3rd-6th May, 2015
Moscow, Russia
May 12 - 15, 2015
Booth no. FOC26, Forum
Beijing, China
20th-22nd May, 2015
Booth no. 100 & 101

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